The Complete Cosmo


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Page 25 Back in 1981 I'd heard something about records being read by a laser beam in the near future.  As you can see in the third panel, I figured it would still be a vinyl record.  Pink Floyd's Ummagumma is playing.  That is one kick-ass stereo!

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Page 46 My blue pen ran out of ink so I used a black pen to finish the page.  After the first two panels on the next page, I found another blue pen.

Page 47 The bottom of  page 47 is ruined.  My new pen exploded on the other side of the page (page 48), and so I turned the inky mess to my advantage by making a picture out of it.  Unfortunately, it obliterated the bottom part of page 47.  In the bottom middle panel of page 47, as a powerful explosion is imminent, Circus Maximus is knocking some poor sucker off a high ledge, saying, "Out of my way, fool -- I must get to my ship!"

Page 48

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